How to use Pantone colors

Using Pantone colors is as simple as choosing. A color from your guide, seeing what its name is, and looking. It up within the pantone color palette in our design programs. Such as photoshop or illustrator. Many of you will think that is why we need to buy Pantone’s physical. Color guide if it is already included in our software. The answer is simple, and I’m sure many of you work in a physical. Format already know: the color shown on our screen will hardly ever match the color we see in print. This is due to a multitude of factors: the brand of our monitor. Its calibration, the operating system in which we work, or even the brightness. Of our work environment. All these factors and some more affect the colors.

So is it essential to use Pantone colors

This is where having a Pantone color guide comes into value since its colors will be the same for us as for the printing press. So we are sure that if we want to use the red Pantone 4059 C from our color guide, we just have to search and apply in our design in Photoshop in Pantone 1787 C, and that information will reach the printer, for the plotter to Image Masking Service print. exactly Pantone color 1787 C. Pantone swatch library in photoshop So, is it essential to use Pantone colors? As we have said before, although the use of Pantone is widespread, many designers continue to use CMYK. Of course, the CYMK is not exempt from problems, and it is that it does not guarantee that the colors will be uniform in all printers.

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Converting non-Pantone colors to Pantone

This can be a problem if we are looking for an exact color, such as when building a brand image that has a fixed color throughout its branding. brands-colors-Pantone On the other hand, if we work exclusively in digital format, we can perfectly use the Phone Number MX Pantone color palette but we are not obliged to do so, since we will never make the move to the physical format, which is where we might need it. A web designer, for example, is more likely to work with other color codes like RGB or HEX. Personally, though, I make more use of the HSL color model every day.

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