How to Write a Good Blog Italy Phone Number Post: 7 Practical Steps for Modern Bloggers

Italy Phone NumberYou don’t learn how to write a good blog post overnight …

Sometimes it seems like content writers are magicians, because we have the power to create great business blogging out of nothing.

An important point to note about magicians, though:

They don’t really do magic..

Instead, they study and practice specific Italy Phone Number behaviors until they can create that illusion of creating something out of nothing.

And of course, all creative people do the same. We study and we practice our craft, making consistent improvements to our content ideas, and (if we’re lucky) building habits that lead to more consistent output.

Today’s post will help with the “consistent output” part.

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The hardest part of writing a good blog post

I don’t think I’m alone in finding Starting Italy Phone Number the hardest part of writing, although writer’s block looks a little bit different for everyone.

Even if we’ve already learned how to create digital products, we don’t know what we’re going to write about yet. We’re not sure what the structure will be. We don’t have the first sentence yet.

The ideas are all running around in our heads like kittens with ADD, and we have no idea how to get them corralled.

For creative work you want to do consistently, like blog posts or podcast episodes, it’s a lifesaver to have a familiar, repeatable process you use every time.

Then you don’t put things on your calendar like Get the blog post done. You schedule a 20-minute block to Draft subheads.

7 steps to write the best blog post for your topic

Here are the steps I follow to create a great blog post.

You can use this simple process to learn how to write a good blog post — as many blog posts as you need, actually, without tears or frustration.

Instead of thinking like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, think like a gardener.

1. Generate smart topic ideas

Start lots of seedlings …

Any time you sit down to write without a solid idea of what you’ll be writing about, you’re setting yourself up for frustration and wasted time.

You’ll be better off going for a short walk and bringing a pencil and an index card. On your walk, write down any article ideas that come to mind. (Not necessarily the one you’re writing.)

Productive writers know they have to catch as many of their ideas as they can — both the good ones and the silly ones.

An “idea seedling” can be a post idea, but it can also be a theme for:

  • A content series
  • A kind of customer you want to speak to
  • An analogy
  • A real-world example
  • A statement of your values
  • A funny story

Capture all of them. Make a habit of carrying something with you that can capture notes. Most of us can use our phones and an app. But go with whatever works. My friend Victoria makes a great case for 3×5” index cards.

If you find that you’re constantly running dry on ideas, boost this habit. Make a commitment to capture at least five ideas for content every day — even stupid or boring ones. The more content ideas you capture, the more will come.

2. Prepare for quality writing time

Make sure you’ve got soil, water, and sunlight …

Gardens, of course, need those things for the plants to grow.

As a writer, you have certain conditions that support doing your best work when making a living online.

You probably need to get away from distractions or interruptions in order to write a good blog post. (Turn off electronic notifications, at least during your work blocks.) You probably have equipment you prefer. You might have a little ritual that gets your writing brain going.

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