Why You Should Be Using Multiple Social Media Platforms

Nowadays, the overwhelming majority of the UK population is online and this is even more true for those of working age. The widespread use of the internet resulted in extensive social media engagement.

This landscape has changed as more platforms have emerged and, amid strong competition for usage, many sites have fallen from the wayside. The graveyard of social media includes the likes of Vine, DailyBooth and Virtual Tourist.

Several social media platforms are particularly prominent in the UK. These include Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram.

The question for any firm with an online presence is whether they should engage with these sites?  And if so, which ones?

The importance of social media

The answer to the first question is unquestionably yes. Having your own business website and embracing digital is Belgium Phone Number fine. Also, it certainly needs to be well-designed, carry lots of important and relevant information and, most importantly of all, act as a channel through which clients and potential clients can make contact. However, none of that is much use if nobody sees it.

A social media page can help attract traffic to your site in the first place. It provides an extra outlet to publish news, views and other information, as well as offering a new and highly accessible way to interact with your potential and actual clients.

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

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These two factors mean that in marketing terms, it initially impacts on the first two parts of the buyer journey: the awareness stage, when the potential customer first discovers that your company and services exist, followed by the consideration stage, where repeated exposure to this knowledge is needed to help persuade them to take up what is on offer.

Furthermore, once someone does become a client, using multiple social media platforms can be a great way of attracting further business. It offers another means to stay in touch with them, promote special offers and provide an extra contact point for new customers.

Since one of the best marketing tools any firm has is the satisfied customer who wants to recommend your services to their friends and family, a social media presence offers a chance for them to send a link to others via their own accounts.

Why go for multiple social media platforms?

Some firms are rather neglectful about social media. They may have a page on Twitter or Facebook but pay little attention to it and make no major effort to maximise its potential.

. Only using one platform will constrain the kind of mediums you can use, as well a

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