Why AdWords Became Google Ads Malaysia Phone Number

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Google Ads is an essential tool for Malaysia Phone Number online businesses looking to expand or reach their customer base, but it was not always so prominent in the online digital marketing landscape. Google Ads was known as AdWords before 2018 and was significantly different to how it is today, with rapid developments in technology and customer interaction driving its development in the 2000s. In this article, we go over how AdWords began, why Google changed to Google Ads, and what the future looks like for online advertising with Google.

The Advent of AdWords

At the start of the 2000s, the online advertising Malaysia Phone Number landscape was much smaller in scope and technology. Until Google AdWords came along on the 23rd of October 2000, the world had never seen a self-service online advertising platform before. Google AdWords allowed users to sign up and set how much they were willing to pay per thousand impressions, with whoever bid the most showing the highest on the search results page. Google launched this a few months after its first advertising program, ‘Premium Sponsorships’. Premium sponsorships were more traditional in that a direct sales team sold the ads.

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The Change to Google Ads

One way to figure out what people are interested in is to study trending topics via google trends. Google trends lets you “listen in” on certain topics to figure out people’s relative level of interest — based on country. The type of content they are looking for on a given subject. And even a list of terms that relate to the topic. There’s also google’s adwords keywords tool.

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Why Did Google Make the Change?

Google made the change to make it easier for small businesses to reach their target audiences with a more streamlined and intuitive toolset that non-experts could use. Enterprise-level advertisers now had access to the latest technological advancements in digital marketing, giving them a better footing against competitors.

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