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Are distributd between girls and boys on the practice of social networks. Let’s see if women are more digital than men on the practice of social networks, or if only in terms of liste registrations. 48% of girls registere gram against 56% for boys 43% of girls registere on Pinterest compare to 19% for boys 49% of girls have a platform dedicate to images as their favorite social network, compare to 29% of boys Do girls have more digital fiber than boys? It is already interesting to note that the majority of girls have a preference for social networks dedicate to images.

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Online learning via Facebook Facebook Vietnam Phone Number List groups can serve as a workplace for students. We discover that among social networks, Facebook can promote collective work among students 79% of students use Facebook groups to work with their peers. 59% of students use Facebook at least once a week to work with their classmates. Students and MOOCs Although MOOCs are intende for online learning, it is surprising that students do not have a real knowlege of them. 81% of students don’t know what a MOOC is 61% of students would be intereste in taking a MOOC 23% of students would be willing to pay to take one The complete infographic on students’ digital practices Below is the full infographic showing the study conducte by Diplomeo. original source.

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Diplomao We will see today in this article, the use of Phone Number MX the editorial platform Linkdin Pulse. We saw in a previous content “ How to get spottd on Linkedin using Pulse? » all the interest of this platform to write with a minimum of knowlege and tedious manipulations. Quickly learn to take control of the Linkedin Pulse platform Today we are going to see how to use it and especially how to optimize its content from a technical point of view. What is LinkedIn Pulse? Pulse is a content aggregator that was integrate into Linkedin, after its takeover by the social network. From this.

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