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Thanks to the partnerships entere into by Facebook, your customers will soon be able to buy cinema tickets, concert tickets, theater tickets, etc., or even order food. The same goes for your products. Facebook is testing a new feature, from a dedicate section and allowing users to buy them. This Shop section gives you a glimpse of great prospects for the future in e-commerce, even if you don’t have a website. fb-shopBefore explaining what Progressive Web Apps are, we must put the subject in context. Today, we start from the observation that: The mobile audience exceeds that on PC. (Source: Statcounter) App downloads are still increasing. (+15% in 2016 globally, according to App Annie) But very few applications are use.

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On average out of the 26 applications that a French user has installe on his smartphone, only 6 are use regularly. (Source: Relatia Agency) and more space on our smartphones. The Progressive Web Apps (PWA) develope by Google are a response to hat is my Honduras Phone Number List professional field this observation. What is a Progressive Web App? Mobile and Responsive sites, web applications, native and hybrid: what are the differences? Before defining what a Progressive Web App is, it is necessary to make the difference between the different notions of sites and applications. mobile-website-webapp-native-application Source: Mobizel We distinguish websites accessible from a browser.

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The mobile website is a second site that takes over from the main site when the user is on a tablet or smartphone. A “Responsive” website is a site designd with a Phone Number MX Responsive Design, that is to say whose design adapts to all media (computer, smartphone and tablet). A Web application (Webapp) is a website develope for mobiles. By extension, it also designates a mobile web application. applications available from a download platform (store): The native mobile application is software, a mobile application develope for a specific operating system (iOs, Android, etc.). It is downloaded via dedicate platforms, such as App Store or Play Store.

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