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The idea is to offer users a complete mobile experience regardless of the browser used and the state of the connection. For this, it is necessary to separate the substance (the content) from the form (the presentation and the functionalities) in order to concentrate on the essential. Then, we gradually add new features. Today, Mobile First is the new paradigm of web marketing. Proof of this is with Google’s new Mobile First index, which gives way to the Mobile Friendly index. Here’s a good reason to adopt PWAs. An optimized and adapted user experience By gradually integrating the features of native applications, the Progressive Web App offers an optimal user experience. Like a native app, the PWA has access to smartphone features (camera, geolocation, notifications.

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This gives you plenty of opportunities to improve the UX. One can imagine adapting the brightness and contrasts of a site when the user is in a dark or too bright place. It is possible to send him a specific URL when he enters a specific geographical area. You in the Iran Phone Number List Shutterstock can adapt the content of the page when the battery level is low. The possibilities offered by PWAs are numerous and constantly evolving. Encouraging feedback The first feedback suggests conclusive results.  by Google show us that Progressive Web Apps lead to: Increase in open, click, engagement and conversion rates A decrease in the bounce rate An increase in the number of pages viewed and time spent on the site An increase in the number of visits Improved page load times.

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Many opportunities for professionals As an e-commerce player, Progressive Web Apps are a godsend. The simple fact of being able to access the application in offline mode offers many possibilities of use. Even without an Internet connection, visited pages. Similarly, he will be able to create a basket that will be automatically updated when an Internet connection Phone Number MX returns, or even consult the status of his orders, his invoices, etc. Push notifications will let you know about a promotion or the availability of a product. All of this will boost engagement and conversion. But PWAs don’t just apply to e-merchants. Associated with the Physical Web such as Beacon tags, they have considerable potential for any professional. Conclusion So, should we rush into PWAs? The Progressive Web App is a solution to consider if you need a clear, fast and interactive mobile interface at a lower cost.

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