Where to use them and how to create a color palette

Every so often we experience stages in which a specific color or color palette is in fashion. We recently saw it with the futuristic and cyberpunk theme, when neon-type colors began to be used a lot. Or currently with the neo-brutalist aesthetic as we saw a few weeks ago, like a lot of use of primary colors. But there is a color palette that seems to continue to be present despite the trends, especially in very specific themes. We refer to colors and pastel tones. These and other questions are some of the ones we want to answer in this article. So let’s not take any longer and get started.

The psychology behind pastel colors

It is usual that, when we see a design that makes use of white spaces, it needs some background color. But as you surely know. It is not highly recommended to use pure white, like pure black, when we are designing. That is why it is usual for Image Manipulation Service to use pastel tones for this type of situation. But we may want to create a complete palette with these types of colors. And apply it completely in our design or web. But, do we know for sure if this kind of color is appropriate? For our project and the message. That we are going to offer? How can we create a personal pastel color palette? And without having to go to one already predesigned that we find online.

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Uses of pastel colors

First of all, we are going to see what is the meaning and the sensations that visualizing any element or design that makes use of pastel tones causes us unconsciously. On the one hand, its appearance gives us a feeling of calm and tranquility. Contrary to Phone Number MX what happens with more vibrant colors, which are very striking and sometimes even violent, pastel colors soften everything around them and make us be able to observe them for a long time. Therefore, depending on the target we are going to address, the use of pastel tones will make our message fit more naturally.

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