Where Do You Think You Will Be Five Years From Now?

Do you hate that question as much as I do? I’m not a fan (probably because I didn’t have a great answer), but I understand why it’s . The interviewer wants to know that the job seeker is considering the short-term future and wants to know how the potential path to a candidate’s success fits that of the company. I am.

With an expert twist, we asked the experts presenting at the Content Marketing World what they see as the biggest change in content marketing over the next five years. This is not a list of predicted technological advances or quirky speculations. Practical and aggressive. You can take one or all of the 25 and start working on them today (if you haven’t done so already) to strategically plan for short-term and long-term success.

We categorized answers based on five new themes: personalization

In the first place As you can see, the impact of artificial intelligence is a theme that spans all categories. Ironically, Michael Brenner points out that technology can help you connect with people. “We are in a hurry towards detailed Canada Mobile Number personalization of content. Add machine learning and AI to predict what, for whom, where, and how often. “We do,” said the CEO of the Marketing Insider Group. Create a seamless experience
Not only … But also The biggest change is the ability to seamlessly deliver context-related information personalized based on device, location, and preferred format. (For this purpose, read Rebecca Lieb’s new book Content: Atomic Particle of Marketing.

Heidi Cohen, Chief Content Officer, Practical Marketing Guide

Canada Mobile NumberMeet a very fragmented audience
I hope the audience will continue to be . From now on, we need to meet viewers in more places (of course, we will strategically evaluate each place). As viewers split, getting the right tone across the right channels becomes a challenge for brands.
Amanda Changlis, Associate Director of Corporate Communications, BNY Mellon

Smart structural implementation

In the first place Please be , be very
With the advent of AI, machine learning, natural language recognition, and other technologies as bots and digital assistants, the dream of a real private one-on-one conversation between the brand and people will come true. Of course, people lead those conversations and the brand reacts.

Not only … But also This dream is only by engineers with the help of content professionals (talented writers and creatives). Content professionals can compose conversations, devise great dialogues, and tell machines stories and remarks. It structures the data needed to (1) build more true screenwriters in content marketing, and (2) build APIs and support billions of real-time conversations with millions of people every day. It means a huge leap in the functionality needed to do so.
Story Worldwide co-founder Kirk Cheyfitz

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