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Interface you can write your content by integrating text, images and videos. You will also have formatting features to give more life to your posts. This content will become available from your profile and will naturally be accessible to all of your contacts and those closest to you. Linken Pulse Pulse was initially reserved for Linkedin influencer profiles, but now it is open to any your contents at one time or another, you will access it from this area.  Sav and Publish : This is where you save your content awaiting publication. They will end up in your drafts so you can access them later. If your content is ready to publish, then click Publish  Feature image.

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To illustrate the header of your article, you can Uruguay Phone Number List upload a 700 x 400 pixel photo (JPG, PNG format, etc.). Respect these dimensions (or the 1.75 ratio) to view the image as a whole. 4 Title / Header : You will write here the title of your article. and Quote tags :These formatting elements will allow you to insert paragraphs or subtitles using H1  H2 tags – These are the tags that contribute to the referencing of your content on search engines. FYI, the H1 tag is actually an H2, and the H2 an H3 The H1 tag is generally reservd for the title of article. Quotes allow you to emphasize a point in your content, a quote, a powerful element, etc. Bold, Italic, Underline and strikethrough : By using its basic styles you will give relief to your text.

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Text alignment  Here you can choose either to Phone Number MX align your text to the left or to align it in the center. 8 Bulleted  numbered lists : Bullete or numbere lists are useful for hitting a set of points as is precisely the case here. 9 Link, Photos, Videos, *Enriche Medias : These buttons will give you access to the integration of media elements in your publication. Links (urls) if you need to insert sources, references, cross-references to content, etc. You will select your text within your content (the one you want to associate a link to) and click on the “add a link” symbol to assign one to it. You can also insert images and.

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