When changing line spacing is a good idea of Logo

We are going to deal with certain cases where the modification of the line spacing can give our design a plus, since readability goes a bit to the background Short headers and text The headings or headlines of a text, by definition, are usually short texts or few words, so they are read quickly. Here we can play a bit more with the interspacing for aesthetic reasons, enlarging it a bit. This also applies to any text that is large in size and works more as decoration than as content to be read. differences in the appearance of a text header when increasing the spacing fonts with small sizes In cases where we use a very small text size, it is possible that visually.

Text that works as an image or part of a logo

We find that the letters crowd each other too much. So adding a little space can be positive to improve their readability. If we also add that the text is in uppercase, we can even add more interspacing. small size text difference in the caption when using Shadow Making Service different spacing. With a larger auto spacing, it increases the readability light text on a dark background. The irradiation effect will also affect us when using. The interspacing. And it is by having light text on a dark background. Said text is visually thicker than if the colors were inverted. Therefore, if we are designing in dark mode. It is preferable to increase the line spacing a bit to compensate. For the thickness added by the effect.

Shadow Making Service


Example of how in dark mode, the typography visually appears thicker. And it is more readable if we increase its interspacing Text that works as an image or part of a logo This is a particular case, and it is when we can modify the line spacing in a more Phone Number MX manual way, skipping the rules a bit. And it is that it is for visual reasons, where readability is hardly taken into account. We see a clear example in the Zara logo: the new logo of the clothing brand Zara, with negative tracking Here the glyphs, overlap each other, we don’t really know where one begins and the other ends… But it doesn’t matter, since the search is for an image, not having a comfortable reading of a text.

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