What should a data analyst Cambodia WhatsApp Number List do after joining a new company?

When entering a new company, the first Cambodia WhatsApp Number List thing to do is definitely not to start doing some simple work immediately, such as completing some fetching requirements given to you by the leader, or writing some daily and weekly reports in a fixed format. These jobs do need to be done, but they are not that important. If you want to land in a new company, you must think clearly about these questions.

 Business Model

If we don’t understand the business, we can’t analyze it.

So the first thing you need to figure out is what the company’s business model is.

What is a business model? In the Cambodia WhatsApp Number List vernacular, this is how the company makes money.

How to make money is not as simple as “selling advertising space to make money”. To clarify this issue, to sort out these several questions, we must clarify these three questions:

What kind of business value to realize

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First of all, with whom, we need to know which people or organizations will be associated with the business. For example, in the e-commerce industry, who will e-commerce contact? First of all, there must be consumers, and if it is a platform-based e-commerce company, there will also be sellers. To connect sellers and consumers, there will also be a courier company. If it is a self-operated e-commerce, then there will be suppliers. These are the most basic related parties. There are also some that are easily overlooked, such as regulatory authorities, media, etc. These are not necessary, but the more you list, the clearer your understanding of the business will be.


Finally, there is the commercial value. The commercial value is what needs of users are met, and we can make money from it. We can make money by charging sellers for advertising. If it is a self-operated e-commerce business, it can take consumers’ money. You can even make no money. Of course, this is not making money in the short term. For example, I registered a store and managed it very well. The purpose is to sell the ownership of the store to other store owners. Many companies make money in different ways. For example, JD.com has both self-operated stores and logistics to earn money from consumers, and non-self-operated third-party stores to earn money from sellers. Sometimes it also receives some external advertisements to earn money from advertisers. and many more.

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