What It Is How It Works And How Much It Costs

Your domain is your address on the web”. Who knows how many times you’ve heard phrases like this, and how many times you’ve been told how important it is to have a domain. But have you ever thought about what it really is ?

Often having a domain is simply a phase of your entrepreneurial journey, something you know you have to do because “everyone does it”, and you do it, but without realizing what you are doing.

In this article I will explain everything about the magical world of internet domains, from what they are to how they work, up to what I already know that interests you the most, that is: how much do you have to pay for a domain?

What are you waiting for then? 

Read on right away.


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What is meant by domain?

A domain, or domain name, is a Bolivia Phone Numbers name associated with a physical IP address on the Internet. 

In practice, this is the set of letters that appears after the @ symbol in email addresses and after www. in web addresses. 

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But what does “associated with an IP address” mean 

It means that, for example, the domain “example.com” could be translated into the physical IP address 198.172.436.9.

If you were to identify your site with its IP address it would be pretty complicated, right? Domains eliminate this problem by providing users with an easy way to identify a location on the internet. 

This is also why it’s always best to try and get a domain name that’s simple and easy to remember.

Imagine you have an online pet products store. Do you think your customers would more easily remember “amicianimali.com” or “tuttiiprodottiutiliperanimalichevuoi.com”?  

Well, I don’t think there is any need for further explanation. 

Hence, the domain is the web address of your ecommerce or website. But what exactly is it for?

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