what it is and how to design this kind of logo

When we are creating a logo, whether it is for an international company. With hundreds or thousands of workers or for a one-person business. There are many aspects to take into consideration. From taking into account its shape according to the meaning we want to give. The use of color, whether it is going to scale or not… For these reasons. Creating a monogram is one of the most interesting exercises. That we can carry out as designers since, although. At first, it seems simple, being able to express. The complexity of a logo, representing a company. And creating a link with that brand in just a few strokes is tremendous. Complicated. And that is why today we want to talk about monograms. And give you some advice when you have to design one.

logotiops monogram of Calvin klen

Of course, the first of all is to explain that it is a monogram since it is possible that many do not know what we are talking about when using Photo Restoration in this term. With monogram, we refer to a kind of logo that we create only with letters resulting in a symbol. Normally these letters, which are not usually more than three, are either the name of the brand (if it is short), its initials, or its initials. Sometimes the font we use to build the monogram is accompanied by an illustration, although the weight of the logo will always be carried by the font.

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Monograms began to become popular in the 19th century

Although they were already used in ancient Greece on coins representing different cities. And they are not only used in the professional field. Surely many of you have found them, for example, in wedding invitations that bear the initials of the Phone Number MX couple who is getting married. Examples of famous monogram logos start by making a small compilation of some monograms that we can find in real life, and that can serve as inspiration when we are designing. First of all, we have an interesting case with monograms and the world of fashion Outside of companies dedicated to fashion, we can also find them in groups dedicated to the audiovisual world.

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