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We had hardly set foot on Twitter when we had. Already spotted some rather interesting creations: here is our selection of the 5 most effective and original advertisements of. The morning of February 14. Valentine’s Day, where does it come from? Because you never need to shine too much during romantic dinners, here’s something to update you on. The origins of this beautiful celebration of love and impress your other half. Its source dates back to the 3rd century, during which a bishop named Valentin organized secret weddings in Rome to allow lovers to marry despite the prohibition of the emperor at the time. This dear Claudius II believed that his soldiers had better things to do than take care of a wife and children.

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Then imprisoned for his misdeeds, Bishop Valentin does not stop there and manages to restore sight (thanks to his magical powers) to the daughter of his jailer, and the latter, of course, falls in love with his savior. But the Bishop is still condemned to ALS Ice Italy Phone Number List Bucket Challenge 3. Burger King death, and sends a last letter to his beloved, signed “From your Valentine”. that this is only a legend, this feast remains very popular, and is an opportunity for romantics to celebrate their love, and for singles to support each other in this chaste period. MEETIC, for singles Faithful to their habits of explosive campaigns, Meetic, the No. 1 dating site in France, addresses singles in its special Valentine’s Day videos.

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While sending them a little wink to remind them that love is not is just a click away thanks to Meetic. KFC Canada: ChickenGram If the boxes of chocolates aren’t original enough for your taste, in Canada, KFC offers to send your significant other a bucket of tasty chickin the shape of a heart! Called ChickenGram, the operation takes place entirely on Phone Number MX Facebook, where Valentines and Valentines can fill out a form and choose the message they want to gift. Exit the roses and the candles, tonight it’s fried chicken. KFC New Zealand: The Chicken Bouquet Definitely, KFC and Valentine’s Day, it’s great love: after the fried chicken scented candle, it is in New Zealand and still from Facebook, that the brand is organizing a contest to allow participants to win a bouquet. Not flowers (too easy), but chicken wings.

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