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He wish by this action to denounce what the abandone animals undergo. Which although the SPA does its best, are more and more numerous to have to be taken care of. Thanks to her involvement, hundres of animals. Have been adopte, and some 200,000 euros have been raise to help the SPA. Analyze the impact of your campaigns to better optimize them. Analyzing the return of your campaigns is just as essential as launching them. A tool lik to measure the impact of each campaign, but also. To gather information on donors, their giving habits and their way of life. . Thus, it will be possible to offer targete campaigns according to profiles, offering a personalize and relevant message.

Google Analytics makes it possible

To further optimize the impact of your campaigns, it may also be wise to use AB Testing : comparing the results of two campaigns targeting the same type of profile makes it possible to better understand donors’ expectations, and optimize the creation of future publications. ab-testing-visual The campaign with the best performance with its target whatsapp South Korea Phone Number List Sharing by email Table of audience will be the one that will be broadcast widely. Médecins Sans Frontières, a digital campaign designe to capture a new audience Many associations are taking the digital by storm, like Médecins Sans Frontières, which launche a hard-hitting campaign on November 21 using many digital levers, and above all displaying an interactive site that wishes to promote these actions with new donors.

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MSF’s goal here is to reach a new, younger target, via an information activity on social networks, thus seeking to engage young people through concepts that speak to them: the independence of the association, which calls for to their generosity, giving them this feeling of feeling good , to help on their scale. The site dedicateto this independence Phone Number MX campaign of the association motivates young people to participate thanks to the various to the amount of the donations – invitations to reports, to days of action, or even calendars, clothes. lets discover the big work of the association . Everything is presente by Ahme Dramé, a young actor opening the event film of the organization.

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