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Therefore you should focus on customer retention and see where your efforts are leading you with the help of the key performance indicator, which we call – customer retention rate. Formula for calculating customer retention rate All you have to do is divide the number of existing customers by the number of customers at the beginning of this term by 100. As you will also get new customers during the year, you should subtract the number of new customers from knowing current customers to how many initial customers you have retaind. Numerical example Let us keep it simple. Imagine you had 100 customers at the beginning of the year, now 70 of them are still with you. Then your customer retention rate is (70/100)*100 70%.

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This is when you didn’t get any new customers. Let’s say you got 10 new customers. Then, your customer retention rate is: {(70-10)/100}*100 60%. Conclusion Your main goal as an entrepreneur is to grow your business. To fulfill this dream, you must be persistent in your efforts and at the same time measure whether your efforts are producing to GDPR Spain Phone Number List obligations, regardless of the ePR. Ithe desird results or not. If you don’t measure your efforts, you won’t know if you’re moving in the right direction or not. Therefore, you should use several KPIs to measure the growth of your business. The above mentiond are some major KPIs that you should measure when it comes to business growth. After all, it is in the awareness of these KPIs that you can measure them and examine the progress of your organization from time to time.

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The largest defense contractors in the world 2022 Victor Mochere by Victor Mochere in Gno Reading Time: 2 minutes read A A 0 The 20 largest defense contractors in the world The global military economy has changd over time due to technology. A defense contractor is a business organization or individual that provides products or services to a military or Phone Number MX government intelligence department. Products typically include military or civilian aircraft, ships, vehicles, weaponry and electronic systems, while services can include logistics, technical support and training, communications support, and engineering support in collaboration with the government.

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