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Coupld with a deicate application, this small minimalist. Pebble that can be hung on all kinds of objects (key rings, bicycles, suitcases, etc.  Alerts you in the event of theft or loss. Conversely, you can use it to control certain functions of your smartphone (music, calls, photo, flashlight, etc.). Gifts-connecte-key-rings-gablysA connecte padlock Gablys has also developd a padlock, Lockit. Which automatically locks and unlocks your computer screen when you approach or move away from it. Your data, emails and work in progress will be protecte. Just like the key rings, they are designer. Available in different colors and customizable according to your company name and logo.

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Connecte-gifts-padlock-lockit-gablysEmergency chargers. External batteries and power banks Today, all smartphone owners know that their battery life rarely or hardly reaches 24 hours. Battery-empty-charging-smartphone Your and Namibia Phone Number List what you think they customers will therefore be very happy to receive an external battery as a Christmas present. of applications (especially Pokemon Go thanks to which sales have explode), emergency chargers have become essential today.  of size and weight, power banks are for example much smaller, more practical for transport, but less powerful. Charging-gifts-connecte-external-battery-powerbanksConnecte bracelets and watches Connecte-watch-gift-wristband Connectebracelets and watches have been on the rise for some time.

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Even if the common point of these two accessories is to be both directly connecte to a smartphone, they do not necessarily have the same functions. The bracelet, which counts your steps, calculates the distances travele or the calories burne, acts more like an Phone Number MX activity tracker intendefor athletes. The activity tracker market is today dominate by Fitbit, but the Jawbone, Garmin, TomTom and Polar brands are not left out. Connecte watches, on the other hand, target a wider audience. In addition to giving the time (all the same), these smartwatches are connecte to your smartphone and indicate your notifications, your e-mails, some even allow you to receive and send sms or to call.

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