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Are you aware of your candidate experience? Wonderful, huh, those marketing terms. But we are talking here about the experience that a candidate has with the application process. I’ll tell you why you should definitely not leave this – somewhat – neglected child to its fate and give you three tips on how you can optimize it.

A pleasant candidate experience 

h tells you the journey the candidate takes, but not how the candidate experiences it. So we go just one step further. For example, do you get few responses to that oh-so-great open vacancy? Maybe something is really wrong at the front. Does the visitor drop out because he or she finds the tone-of-voice terrible, does not feel attracted by the visual material or because you just don’t have to indicate your grandmother’s middle name in the application form. Also mandatory*.

No, without being silly. Of course a candidate must meet a certain qualification, but we as employers simply do not have much to demand. And if the requirements form such a barrier to applying for a job, your candidates will also  be  gone. Take the mandatory upload of your CV as an example. In 2022 we will apply by telephone, preferably as accessible as possible. For example, via WhatsApp, or simply with your LinkedIn profile. 

From damage to reputation to damage to your turnover

Everything has to be fast too. Does the website load (too) slow? Then potential candidates have been sitting at the table with the competitor for a long time. But it is really more than the visible functionalities. A candidate must have a positive feeling about the organization and the application process, even if he or she did not become one. Why? If a candidate has a good experience applying to your organization, they are more likely to share this VP Communications Officer Email Lists good experience with others. And that increases the reputation of the organization. There is a good chance that there is someone in the candidate’s network who is a good match with your organization and who wants to give it a try after hearing a positive experience from a friend or acquaintance.

Chief and VP of Communications Email Lists

You don’t want to build a bad reputatiapplicants will even boycott an organization if they do not have a good experience with the application process. Which, in addition to damage to reputation, can even damage your turnover. Sin, isn’t it?

That’s bad luck, candidate gone! 

After graduating, I applied for something. Square eyes from sitting at my laptop and cramped fingers from typing. Some organizations sent me a confirmation email stating that they had successfully  received my application. Nice

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