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This is an essential step both for defining an editorial line and for developing a global. Marketing strategy. When it comes to creating a digital strategy for your website. This step is crucial to position yourself on the content broadcast. Start writing: the inverte pyramid. Once you are clear on the essential message of your article. Remember that the reader is a zapper. In terms of web writing, you have to forget everything you saw in school. No more lengthy introductions, you will now start at the end ! Yes, the Internet user must be satisfie immediately. He will thus judge whether he should continue reading or not. To do this, we apply the technique of the inverte pyramid .

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The inverte pyramid writing for the web The title Greece Phone Number List of your article as well as the chapô (the hook) must deliver the main information of your article in order to encourage the reader to continue. Write starting with the most important information (the 5Ws) and then go into details and secondary information for your content. In this article for example, the Internet user knows directly that we are going to offer him 2 tools to personalize his shares on Facebook . If this information is useful for him, he will take the time to read the content. Otherwise, it will zap and may leave your site. This introduction will be found in the meta description of your article as we will see below.

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In terms of web writing, this is one of the Phone Number MX most important points for engaging clicks on your content which will first be representd by the URL displaye on Google. Web writing: The importance of the chapô Web writing must lead to ergonomic reading Great, your title is inciting , the visual and the catchphrase did the job: the reader clicke. In order to maintain their attention and make their reading experience smoother , here are some simple rules to apply throughout your article: Break up the text by creating blocks, lists or indents Structure information with subheadings Illustrate with evocative images Use visual aids like colord links or boldd words.

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