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The variety of tools helium 10 offers. Otherwise you won’t be able to find the best product for requirements like high demand and low competition. Packing for a future journey all research starts somewhere. And for amazon sellers. It usually starts on a store shelf. An overloaded niche. Or a bestseller category. Luckily for us. All the information we need is already there on amazon. You just need to know where to look. A good place can be the seller’s store highlighted in blue on your general listing page. Once in their jungle. Use Denmark phone number the products tab to explore any other products they might sell – this is where helium 10 comes into play. Which way to go now that you have a ton of products to choose from.

Selling on Amazon to Learn

Open the helium 10 chrome extension and launch xray. The tool provides a broad overview of product analysis. Which will primarily help narrow down your research. However. Due to time constraints. We will focus on two – revenue and reviews. What matters is the ratio between these two factors; for example. A product with $13.000 in monthly revenue and 50 reviews would be a good potential product. Take the title of that product. Paste it into the search bar. Select “all departments” and click the search button. The goal is to find out which products are selling under the same keywords and give yourself a bigger picture.

Denmark phone number

Five to six sellers with <150 reviews and a good income tell us that this niche could be a great place for your own bonfire. Note that in a niche where everyone is doing the same thing. Making an average of $3000 is not good. Especially for your wallet or time. You end up investing a lot of time and money to get 150 reviews. Which at the time seems like a small amount of income. Setting up the camp after completing the basic research. The question we must urge ourselves to think is: “how can this product be customized?”. Generally speaking. Customization is not difficult. For illustration.

How to Generate Passive

Let’s choose a pencil. How can you customize it? You can choose between color. Thickness. Size. Material. Mechanical or not. And more. Unfortunately. If after creating an awesome custom pencil you’re going to be on amazon with other competitors who also have awesome custom pencils. You’ll end up battling a byproduct of your fierce competition. But don’t be discouraged. You have an idea! After doing some basic research. You add some complementary products to the pencil and pack it in a cute box. Creating a gift rather than something people use every day.

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