Use color gradients to your advantage

In many, due to the very nature of the minimalist logo. We may notice that our design is a bit boring by having a solid color. This is where the good use of color gradients comes in. Which will allow us to give our logo volume, and depth or to be in several planes of height. As simple as if we have intersecting strokes, and add shading to give the impression that one passes over another. Of course, it is also very important to test our logo with a flat color, or simply in black and white, and verify that it works. This is because, on many occasions, it is not possible for it to be displayed in all its splendor of colors, and it can only be seen in a single color. So we have to anticipate this type of scenario.

Consider the levels of simplicity

When we try to make a minimalist logo for the first time. And even when we have done it many times before. It is very difficult to be clear from the first moment. What the level of simplicity of our logo will be? That is, our working method will Jewelry Retouching Service normally to design a relatively complex image. And from there, go on refining and eliminating layers of elements that are left over, until we are left with the essentials that continue to maintain the message that we want to convey. Our design is not going to be minimalist from minute one, nor should we be obsessed with making it so.

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Minimalism takes practice

Of course, these tips are of no use to us if we don’t put them into practice. Whether they are in real projects or in personal challenges that we do to gain experience. Because this experience is what will allow us in the future to know which Phone Number MX decisions are the correct ones due to the mistakes we have made in the past. The doubts that we have in each attempt will be certainties in the future. Which will make us both better designers and better use of our work time. We hope that these tips have been helpful to you and that you put them into practice in your day-to-day. And, as always, you have available the comments to send us your doubts and suggestions on this topic.

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