How to Use Canonical Tags Ghana Phone Number

Canonical tags are an important part Ghana Phone Number of SEO best practice. Essentially, they allow webmasters to avoid the issue of duplicate content. But what are they, and how are they use? Here we explore the implications of duplicate content, the benefits of canonical tags, and explain how to use them correctly for SEO.

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What are Canonical Tags and What are they Used for?

A canonical tag is an HTML tag in the Ghana Phone Number source code of a web page. When similar or identical content is accessible through multiple URLs, you can add a tag to specify which page should be the main version or the “master copy.” This will tell Google which page should be indexed and ranked, and help you avoid duplicate content issues going forward. Most content management systems have these tags built in, or allow you to add them automatically with plugins. All you have to do is choose the right page to canonicalize! Ideally, this should be the URL that you want to rank the highest on Google, or the one that receives the most visitors and conversions.


What are the Implications of Duplicate Content?

To understand how canonical tags can improve SEO, it’s important to understand the implications of duplicate content and why it is important to avoid it. Internal content duplication, whether intentional or not, can be harmful for SEO.


Unique Content Gets Lost

Too much duplicated content on your website can cause your most important unique content to get lost. When you have multiple URLs that lead to the same page, Google will automatically choose one page to index over the others, and this may not be the page that you want to rank on the SERPs. As a result, your more important pages may lose rankings and clicks.


User Experience can be Harm

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How can Canonical Tags Improve SEO?

Canonical tags provide webmasters with greater control over duplicate content, which can have a positive impact on your site rankings. There are multiple strategic ways in which you can use canonical tags to improve SEO.

This means multiple versions of your homepage URL will be competing with one another, because Google simply won’t know which URL to rank for!

Applying canonical tags is the simplest way to fix complex issues like these. Putting a canonical tag on the main version of the homepage URL will tell Google what the preferred URL is, and that specific page will be the one that ranks on Google. The same rule applies to duplicate product pages on e-commerce websites. Applying a canonical tag to the preferred page will eliminate the duplicate content and increase traffic to the main product page you want to rank for.


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