Unleash Your Inner Dork 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers to Become a Better Copywriter

1000 Mobile Phone Numbers (1)Whether you’re promoting a product, a service, or just an idea, exuberance sells.

One of the reasons why content 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers marketing can be so effective is that there’s room for enthusiasm.

Here are a few tips on how to embrace your inner dork and get infectious enthusiasm into your writing.

When you write with spirit, you’ll grab your reader’s attention and persuade her that you’ve got something worth getting excited about.


Inner dork 101: Write as fast as you can

When you find something that gets your heart racing, start writing while that excitement is hot.

Great ideas (or the perfect turn of phrase) don’t always stick around. Get your thoughts onto paper or pixels as quickly as you can.

This is why professional writers keep a notepad or index cards handy all the time. An audio recorder on your mobile works great too.

(I have yet to figure out a good writing system for the shower, which is where I get about 80% of my best ideas.)

While you’re taking the time to catch your great idea, write down as many details as you can.

Don’t worry if most of it is junk at this point.

“An advertisement that has been pounded 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers out in the white heat of enthusiasm can be tamed and made effective. But it is impossible to put life into dead copy.” – John Caples

If you keep your pencil (or keyboard) moving, you’ll come up with some phrases and ideas that capture your state of excited inspiration, and those can become the seeds for your inspired copy.

It can’t be faked (for very long)

Remember the classic Saturday Night Live sketch, “It’s a dessert topping / it’s a floor wax”?

That, and most of the ad parodies SNL has done since then, point to the absurd phony enthusiasm that many ads adopt.

Fake enthusiasm can be spotted from a mile away, and it’s an immediate turn-off.

There’s nothing wrong with doing a few jumping jacks to manufacture some energy every once in a while.

Probably even Tony Robbins doesn’t show up to work every Monday morning with unstoppable energy. But if you’re “faking it until you make it” most of the time, it’s going to show.

If you’re feeling burned out about your topic, take action to get the excitement back:

  • Get on the phone and talk with some customers who are getting genuine value out of what you offer. (This technique alone can keep you going for a long time.)
  • Have a long chat with the product creator and let some of her geeky energy rub off on you.
  • Dive into some research until you unearth a fascinating feature that you can translate into a spine-chilling, exciting benefit.

If you’re consistently writing about a subject that doesn’t excite you, and your efforts to jump-start your enthusiasm aren’t bearing fruit, you need to be on the lookout for a new gig.

Life is too short to read boring copy — or to write it.

It won’t be cool

Enthusiastic copy isn’t cool — at least, not while you’re creating it. It isn’t polished. It isn’t sophisticated.

In fact, it’s usually kind of dorky.

Any creative person who’s worth a damn has an inner dork. Good creative work can’t survive cynicism.

I’m willing to bet that even Bono gets a little secret thrill over something simple. Maybe it’s brand-new white shoelaces, or blue Jell-O.

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