Understanding the Mail Merge Feature in Microsoft Word

Mail merge is a feature that can assist users in making letters. Envelope formats, invitations, certificates or other documents more concise. By using the mail merge feature of  word’s shopping mode. Users can work on documents with the same format. A large number of them more quickly, even though their identities are different. That way, mi word users don’t need to edit documents one by one. To use this mail merge feature, must have two files and one of them is a database in  excel. Then for more, see the tutorial using the mail merge feature in this article. After entering the era of globalization, more and more business activities have begun to penetrate the digital world. There are many companies or even that are starting to expand their business. In the form of services for making digital invitations and so on.

Simplify the work of sending letters

In addition there are many companies that require employees with qualified skills to be able to create special documents. The presence of this mail Armenia Mobile Number List merge feature can make it easier for business. People or employees to make work easier. For example letters and other documents with large numbers or more than one. By using this mail merge feature, the activity of sending invitations will become more practical and faster, because users do. Not need to make invitations one by one for each recipient, even though their identities are different. For example, invoices, catalogs, newsletters, certificates and so on.

Work becomes faster and more practical

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To be able to enjoy the mail merge feature from word’s shopping mode. Needs to create 2 documents, namely the main document and the data document. Meanwhile Phone Number MX data documents are documents that contain information or supporting data. Example, such as the recipient’s address, recipient’s name. List of email accounts that will receive the invitation data and so on. Mail merge component source as previously explained, there are two important components for  to be able to use the mail merge feature. The two components are the main document and data source files. The main document is a template file or document which is the basic format for creating a mail merge. So that means, before creating a large number of documents at once,  must first have a main document which is the basic template.



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