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  1. ty
  2. Also don’t forget to save this by clicking on ‘create’.
  3. An additional action needs to be performed if you want to permanently exclude the traffic. You can do this action as follows: navigate to your administration > data settings > data filters. You then set the filter status to active.


Setting 3: Exclude references

Web shops often have to deal with certain payment programs such as Mollie, Rabobank or ING. These resources can sometimes appear as a reference within your data. Within Google Analytics 4 you can find this at reports > acquisition > traffic acquisition. Ultimately, what matters is that your conversion is assigned to the right channel. If you don’t set this, the visitor will be seen as a new session.

The conversion is then assigned to the lastclick and that is referral and not to Google / CPC for example, which retrieved the original session. If you’ve just excluded your internal traffic, you’re already close to this setting. The first steps are therefore the same:

  1. Go to management.
  2. Click “Data Streams”.
  3. Click on the relevant stream.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click on ‘More tagging settings’.
  5. Click on ‘Create a list of Compliance Directors Email Lists unwanted references’.
  6. Set search type to ‘reference domain contains’ and enter the reference at domain. For example or
  7. Then save the setting.

Compliance Directors Email Lists

Setting 4: Create links

Most companies generally have campaigns running witta about the campaigns are often linked to goals within Google Analytics. This way you can see exactly how many conversions a particular campaign has generated. I can well imagine that you do not want to lose this data either. To prevent this, a link is required with Google Ads. It’s a very simple setting, but one you don’t want to forget.

Within management you will find the product links heading. This also includes Google Ads. With the ‘link’ button you can easily link your Google Ads account. Google Analytics shows you the accounts you have access to. From this you choose which one to link next.

In addition to Google Ads, you can also find the link to Search Console here:

  1. Click Search Console links.
  2. Choose the Search Console property you want to link.
  3. Select the corresponding web stream.
  4. Check and submit.

These are really very simple steps, but as already mentioned, steps that you should definitely not for

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