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As an owner, you have the opportunity to ask questions and answers yourself. If you see that a lot of questions are being asked about a certain topic (keyword), you can ask them yourself and answer them as the owner. This brings 2 advantages.

First of all, when a question is asked about this topic in the future, the answer is immediately displayed. This way you have the answer in your own hands instead of Google showing suggestions from reviews. This can work to your advantage, for example, if many negative reviews have been placed on a subject in the past. Suppose you, as an owner, have already improved your service in this area, then you do not want those negative reviews to continue to haunt you. Prevent this by asking your questions about frequently discussed topics in your reviews.

An additional advantage is that you provide Google with rich content . If you see that there is a lot of demand locally for a product that you offer, or a service that you provide, then you can ask and answer this question yourself. This can give you a small advantage over your competitors in the ranking .

Additional tip

Don’t use keywords in the title of your business profile. This has been severely punished since tany profiles that use unnatural keywords in their title saw a major drop in their after this update . This may still work for you, but know that this could change at any moment!

Don’t forget the basics

In addition to these tips, it is of course important to have the basis of your company profile in order. Take advantage of the features the tool has to offer and add as much relevant information as possible. Keep this information continuously up-to-date and you’ve come a long way with optimizing your profile!

The popular app BeReal, I finally gave myself a try last week. While we often show the best version of ourselves on Insta and CMO Email Lists You Tube, this app tries to keep it all real and nice and mundane. I show you how it works in this video!

CMO Email Lists

How BeReal works

The app is very simple to use. Every day you will receive a push notification at a random time. You then have exactly two minutes to quickly take a photo, whatever you are doing at the time.

You take a photo with two cameras: the camera on the back of your phone appears large, and at the same time you also take a selfie that appears small in the picture. Taking a nice selfie while your room where you are unseen is actually a mess is not possible with this app! You can possibly take your photo again in the two minutes, but after 2 minutes your time is really up and you can share your th friends.

Together with your friends

The nice thing about BeReal is that you do this at the same time with friends. Every day you also receive the BeReal

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