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Kaixin were advertise as the Chinese Facebooks. Yesterday Weibo had largely replaced them and today. We chat is at the top of the ranking of the most popular social networks. Analysis of Chinese social networks Weibo (Sina Weibo). Since its creation in 2009, the leader of social networks Sina Weibo has attracte more than 500 million Internet users. (Tencent Weibo never really broke through). weibo. This Chinese social network was the equivalent of Facebook, people publishe private and public information. The SNS (social network site) offers other features that the Chinese are fans of.

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Registrants can share photos, videos and music Ivory Coast Phone Number List with their friends and participate in discussions. The Chinese are fans of its activities and spend hours there. Today Weibo is more like Twitter, reserve for experts, for people who are actually looking for content. Weibo owns 90% of the market for micro-blogging services in China. Some Chinese explain that the content is richer than on Twitter with longer and better quality posts. There are more than 400 emoticons, widely use by Chinese people. Chinese people are very fond of participating in discussions or debates between Internet users. Finally, on Weibo we have seen the birth of the era of personal Branding, or KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) who are people with a lot of followers, and therefore a great influence by sector.

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Brands use them a lot to talk about their products or Phone Number MX services because the impact on consumers is very important. Today Weibo is experiencing a crisis. The waves of government control have limitd access to Internet users (who do not give their identity card and telephone number). Censorship remove the Top Buzz of the day, destroying some of the platform’s interest. And finally the Censorship (yes always it) controls the conversations and sanctions in the shadows the protesting webonauts. WeChat Creatd by type of information. It works on a mode of forums, with rankings of users. The supreme rank is .

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