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Magic Castle Hotel in Los Angeles also proves that you can go a long way with sympathetic action. A hotel that is not head and shoulders above other hotels in terms of appearance and comfort. Still, the reviews are fantastic…

Free ice creams with the Popsicle Hotline

The staff has thought about so-called ‘defining moments’. The Popsicle Hotline is one of those moments within the hotel.

There is a red telephone by the pool. When you pick up the handset, you will automatically call the Popsicle VP Security Email List Hotline, asking which flavor you would like. A minute later, the white-gloved waiter brings you ice cream: on a silver tray. Free.

Chief and VP of Security Email Lists

It doesn’t get any better does it? Not more sympathetic, by the way. In the reviews you can also see that this hotel wins on sympathy, among other things because of the telephone by the pool:

This hotel is great for families and adults. The Popsicle Hotline is one of the most original details I’ve ever come across. The hospitality and service were also great.

Reason 5: social proof

Pushing a button usually goes hand in hand with d, or social proof. One of the strongest influencing techniques that exist.

A few years ago I was in Cologne with my family, where we accidentally ended up in one of those old-fashioned brown bars. In that pub we discovered that there were dozens of buttons in the interior. Each button had a box in which you could throw money.

We saw people throwing money into different lockers and pressing a button. After a few seconds, two mechanical puppets stood up to play a song. Then a fortune teller began to speak and another round later a piano came to life at the push of another button.

€ 20 lighter because we wanted to press all the buttons

Because we saw all those people throwing money into those cupboards, we naturally wanted to try that too. The result was a very pleasant evening in which we spent about € 20 extra on pressing buttons.


We threw money into the machines because we saw other people doing it. Then, when I returned to the Netherlands, I told friends that they absolutely had to go to Papa Joes in Cologne because it is so cozy with all those music cabinets. Two perfect examples of social proof or social proof.

Social proof is the phenomenon where people believe that behavior is good because other people are doing it too. Or in my case: if you see someone else spending money on dolls on an accordion, you will do the same yourself.

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