The Guide to Site Siloing & Sweden Phone Number Information Architecture

How you organize your website content is an essential part of your SEO strategy. Site structure must communicate topic relevance to search engines. How pages are siloed into topic themes represents the information architecture of your site. This can have far-reach implications for how those pages are crawled and indexed by search engine bots. Read on to learn more about siloing and information architecture, and why they are so important.

What is information architecture?

To rank well in search engines for both broad, short-tail keywords, and more specific, long-tail keywords, your website must have enough organised supporting content to appear relevant for those terms. Search engines look closely at your site structure to determine your site’s main topics and whether there is enough keyword-supporting content. Siloing a website means grouping related pages together, either structurally or through linking, to establish the site’s keyword-based themes.

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How Siloing Affects Your SEO

Enticing way. These social platforms are public. Giving you access to people all over the world. So post often and engage with others to maximize the initial visibility of your blog. 2. Take advantage of guest posting opportunities. Look for guest posting opportunities and start taking advantage of them—common places to look include industry-related blogs or forums. Or popular publishers who may be looking for content based on your area of expertise. Therefore, SEO specialists count site architecture as among the top SEO ranking factors.

Site structure also has an off-page effect Sweden Phone Number on your SEO, particularly on the SERPs. How? Well, to index your webpage and show it to users, Google first must be able to see it. When Google’s bots can access all the content on your page and index it for display on a SERP, we call this “full crawlability”. A good site structure can guide these bots through your website’s pages by following the links between pages and showing Google that your site has a great structure.

SEO Best Practices for Siloing

The process of siloing a website by topic Sweden Phone Number can be briefly described in four steps:

Determine the overarching themes for your website.

What content do you have (and plan to have), and what is it about? We recommend you consider your themes in conjunction with keyword research. (See Step 1 for more on keyword research).

Choose your siloing strategy.

There are two ways to silo a website: physical siloing through the directory structure and virtual siloing through the linking structure. Decide how to implement a website structure that identifies the themes of your website, either by combining physical and virtual siloing or through virtual siloing alone.

Physical Siloing

When you use the physical URL directory structure of a website like a filing cabinet to organize related pages, you are creating physical silos. Each theme of the site has a group of pages saved together under one folder dedicated to that specific category and within that category are subfolders for various subcategories. Each file has its place in a distinct category, with no two files ever filed into both.

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