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Participate in the natural referencing of your pages. Which requires Know the basics of SEO . Yes, just that ! And although you are a creative, infinitely inspire, prolific writer with a sharp pen, writing for the web cannot be improvise (or at least not for long). Web writing has a technical dimension that should be mastere before embarking on endless pamphlets! Get tips on web writing and put them into practice to exist and become visible on the web. In web writing, what is changing? The dematerialization of media (mobile, tablet, computer. Which undoubtedly leads to a change in reading behavior.

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Reading on the screen now implies for the Iceland Phone Number List user: longer reading time slower reading less comfort _ less easy to understand The Internet user therefore becomes a reader in a hurry who scans the screen more than he reads its content. Only 10 to 20% of Internet users read an entire article on the web (Source: Nielsen and Poynter). If therefore one reader out of 5 on average reads your content, it will be necessary to play on several levers, such as social networks to solicit and encourage sharing and thus create virality for your content. Also hooking the reader from the start of your article is essential in terms of web writing to hope to convey the essence of your message. Web writing: work on the title and the hook of your content Before writing for the web: ask yourself 5 questions.

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There is a journalistic technique known Phone Number MX as the “5W” which consists of answering, from the start of a blog article, the following 5 questions: “Who did what, where, when and why? “. Web writing is a strategic axis, through which it is necessary to establish the target, the objectives and the nature of the content as the channels where it will be distribute. Before starting to write for the web, you must therefore be able to answer the following questions: 5W Why : Why is this info important? Who : who is affectd by this information? What : what are we talking about? what is the main subject? Where : where is the information valid? When : what is the temporality of the info.

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