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Referencing SEO Here too we could add many additional skills to the blogger. But the main ones are there. Without dwelling on the blogger as we know him, let’s see how the community manager, by becoming a blogger, can derive clear advantages. The blogger community manager Becoming a blogger by being a community. Manager is a real advantage for giving yourself the means to be visible and to take advantage of your blog as a nice identity card. The best CV of the community manager includes this dimension if the. CM can promote it to its future clients or recruiters. A blog has the advantage of demonstrating its ditorial. Capacities and the holding of a project as a whole.

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All the promotional work around the blog providd by South-Korea Phone Number List the community manager, how to make it known, how are share, etc. Note The angle of visibility can be worke on with future clients, without being a blogger as such. If many community managers become bloggers, it is also to make themselves visible among the many CMs who are starting out as independents. Community managers thus nee to make themselves visible and ensure strategic work in order to trust the first pages, or rather the first page, of the Google search engine. We can thus imagine a professional site couple with a blog which will expose the expertise of the community manager, or even a separate blog which will be the fruit of a passion for example.

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Online It Will Therefore Be Necessary To Think

It is then that he will be able to take advantage Phone Number MX of his know-how to boost his blog and possibly monetize it. blogger community manager Depending on the theme of the blog, it will be clearly appreciable to be able to earn in addition to your work, several hundre euros to a few thousand euros by negotiating sponsore articles, partnerships with brands, etc. Monetizing a blog Without going into details because the subject will be treatd in a future article, the monetization of a blog requires several things. You should know that a blogger does not necessarily monetize his blog in the proper sense of the term, but also his.

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