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Decision about whether to crack that joke you’ve been dying to tell.Read: We all need to take workplace humor more seriouslyKeep it cleanOne reason humor can diminish your status is because the joke doesn’t push the boundaries enough and thus fails to register as an attempt at humor. Another reason, however, may be that the joke pushes the boundaries of appropriateness and offends those it is intended to humor. Usual suspects include sarcasm, teasing and insensitivity – mostly considered aggressive humor styles. While there may be a time and place for such more serious forms of humor, the workplace is not one of them.

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Research shows that using aggressive humor at work can encourage subordinates to flout the rules, thereby undermining your influence. Inappropriate jokes can affect impressions of competence, further undermining your status and influence. The lesson is that, when it comes to the work environment, reaping the benefits of humor requires knowing when your joke pushes the boundaries enough to be funny without crossing the line.Your use of humor also affects the status of othersSo, using humor can increase or decrease your status and influence at work.

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But can joking with subordinates also affect their status and influence?When leaders used a positive and lively humor style, their subordinates became more active, confident and engaged at work, which ultimately increased their status in the workplace. On the other hand, mood influences changes that can improve the work unit.But not all humor styles lead to such positive results. Once again, aggressive forms of humor seem to act as a status suppressor. When leaders’ humor includes sarcasm, teasing, or mockery, their subordinates withdraw from the work environment, becoming less confident and more inhibited; the trend that ultimately suppresses their status in the workplace. In turn, they become less.

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