How to create our own pastel colors

We can create a pastel shade from any primary color. Of course, we must be clear about the concepts of hue ( hue ), saturation ( saturation ), and brightness or luminosity ( brightness ) that we explained in our article on the HSL color code. Thus, we define a pastel tone as one with any hue value, a medium/high saturation value, and a high lightness value. Knowing how to modify these values ​​of a color, we can create our own pastel tones. Let’s see a practical example of how to do it. various primary colors, transformed into pastel colors by changing their saturation and lightness From here, a world of possibilities opens up to create our own pastel tones from the primary colors we want. And, by the way, being able to build our own palettes and combinations of pastel colors.

Palettes and pastel color schemes

We already saw in Silo how to create color palettes in 3 steps in a simple way. Of course, can we apply these principles if we are working with pastel colors? We refer to using complementary, triadic, opposite colors, etc. The answer is simple: of course, we can. the color wheel of primary colors on the outer ring, and pastel colors on the Remove Background Image inner ring And it is that these color combinations work perfectly if we are using pastel tones. Of course, we can use other principles that you surely know, such as contrast, contrasting pastel tones with colors with a low luminosity value that act as a contrast. Ideal to use them in texts that we want to be legible, or for elements that have power over the rest of the design.

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The monochrome palette of pastel colors of a reddish hue

Another option is to use a monochrome pastel color palette. That is, without moving from the same shade of color, playing with lightness and saturation to achieve a small differentiation between the tones, but without straying from the pastel colors. conclusions As we have been able to verify, the range of use that we have with pastel colors is Phone Number MX much wider than we might think at first: maternity, spring, retro 50s aesthetics… But it doesn’t just stop there, we can incorporate it into any other design of which we want them to have a halo of tranquility and relaxation . In the same way, creating a pastel color palette from scratch is very simple, since we will only have to modify the brightness and saturation of any color that we are going to use to turn it into a pastel tone.

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