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In your company profile (previously you have the option to select suitable company categories. A distinction is made here between a primary category (which suits your company best) and other categories. Selecting a primary category is mandatory. You can only tick one of these You can select more than one of the other categories, but these are not mandatory.

1. Look at your competitors

Categories are very important for Google to understand what your business falls under. It is therefore advisable to be as specific as possible in your selection. Try to select as many categories as possible that are relevant to your business. Are you unsure which categories suit you best or VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists which actually deliver the best performance? That is not always obvious either. It might be smart just to see how your competitors are doing this. Unfortunately, with them you only have insight into the selected primary category, not into the other selected categories. Or maybe? GMBspy  offers a solution. Sounds exciting huh?

Chief and VP of Purchasing Email Lists

How do you use this?

Search for certain keywords for which you want your business profile to be found locally. Then see which competitors outperform you in Google Maps and/or Google Local Pack. Apparently they have their affairs in order somewhere better than you, because they are shown above you. To find out what that is, click on their company profile and activate the GMBspy extension. You will then see all selected categories of this competitor and you can also test this on your Company Profile.


2. Make yourself visible in the service areas where you are not yet

In order to be found well with your Business Profile on Google, it is very important that you are relevant to the person who does the search

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