Tips for Designing a Monogram

Once we have seen some recognizable monograms. That can serve as inspiration when we design. Let’s see some points to keep in mind. As always, we will have to adapt to both type of assignments. And the client’s needs and use one or the other accordingly. Of course, the first thing is to ask ourselves: is it appropriate? To use a monogram in any setting? Use of color in the PlayStation. And tom brady monograms the importance of white and negative. Spaces have already been saying it before and it is essential. To keep it in mind: the monogram is made up of letters, but it must function as an image.

PlayStation and tom Brady monogram logos

It is essential to know if with a monogram we are going to be able to represent the image that the client wants to give. Or if we can shorten the brand name to fit inside a monogram. Or even think about the target audience of the brand and know if they will better memorize the logo being a monogram. Once we have resolved these doubts and decided that the best option as a logo is a monogram, let’s see some tips to take into consideration. White space and negative space is a Raster to Vector Conversion resource that is not used on many occasions, but when it is used it is tremendously effective. And the same thing happens with monograms. Since it can help us both to insert letters and to place small illustrations, taking advantage of the traces of the spelling.

Raster to Vector Conversion

Always use an original typeface

It is not enough to go to Google Fonts, download the most popular typeface and make our logo with it. The client and his audience will not know if this is a logo or an acronym within any text since it is a recognizable font. Our monogram has Phone Number MX have enough weight to work as an image, and not just a text or several letters. The good thing about monograms is that you can easily add the color of the company they represent, further homogenizing the brand image. But we can go further using color gradients, or several colors if we want to differentiate some letters from others.

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