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Coincidentally, this commercial differs tongue-in-cheek from ‘Nespresso, what else?’ with ‘Nespresso, what more?’ Otherwise we could have counted them well 

The category entry point in this case is of course making a nice cup of coffee. The design of the coffee glass is also more reminiscent of a cup of coffee in a restaurant than one at home.

Brand assets in a Douwe Egberts advertisement

Contrast this with a recent commercial by Douwe Egberts. There you immediately see a completely different focus:


In this ad I count 4 brand assets:

  1. A coffee maker (with filter)
  2. A pack of coffee (ground)
  3. A coffee scoop
  4. A warm mug

Here too, the category entry point is making a nice cup of coffee, but with a slightly different focus: filter coffee. The rest of the commercial also focuses on this. The cup of coffee in particular is one that you may also have in your kitchen cupboard at home.

Strong branding 

Let’s just say I think one commercial is VP Administration Email Lists better than another. I am concerned here purely with the difference in effect on the brain. Nespresso goes for a different cup of coffee than Douwe Egberts.

VP of Administration Email Lists

If you did an (implicit) association test, you would probably find this too. In such a test you measure the reaction speed in the brain. Because from neuropsychology we know: ‘ what wires together, fires together ‘. On the basis of the reaction speed you can attach an exact number to the strength of 2 concepts. In this case, for example, the concepts ‘Nespresso’ and ‘barista coffee’.

Many serious brands use these kinds of tests to measure their brand image. And in the case of Nespresso, I expect there to be a strong association with ‘barista coffee’. Thanks in part to George, of course.

A case of strong branding, if you ask me!

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