Three team building Chile WhatsApp Number List methods, stop saying that you can only build products and not lead a team

Yes, team management has always been Chile WhatsApp Number List a headache for many leaders, so in order to help everyone build a better team and establish a production and research team with high performance, good atmosphere and self-organized management, today I will share the following four methods. , to understand how to do team building and understand the psychology of employees. (This article is not an outdoor construction activity article!)

 Excellent product leaders are masters of target management

First of all, almost all teams will go through Chile WhatsApp Number List the following four stages. The psychological states of team members in different stages are completely different. The way of team management must also be carried out according to the stage and situation of the team.


Four stages of team management

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First of all, the management by objectives method mentioned above is suitable for the early stage of the team’s establishment. The characteristics of the team in the formation stage are as follows:

Formative stage: Members have just started working together, generally have positive desires and are eager to start work, but do not know much about their responsibilities and the roles of other members, they will have many questions, and continue to explore to determine what kind of behavior is acceptable.

In fact, this is wrong.

The members of the newly formed team have great expectations because they enter a new environment from an old environment, so we will find that in fact, many teams are often excited in the early stage of the team, and then slow down at a certain stage. Slow down to flat.

This is the role of expectations in the hearts of members, so how to maintain and further amplify this feature?

There are two directions:

First, we set up the team itself to run for work, so it seems that it is very simple to make the team “run”, but how to “run” and where to “run”? This brings us back to the “target” thing.

Remember, the team’s “run” without a goal will quickly kill the enthusiasm of the team members. If there is no goal and no certain results are obtained within a month, then the team is likely to have a turbulent situation.

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