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Generate engagement by animating your community It is not only a question of acquiring new followers to build notoriety, but also of knowing how to maintain the relationship. It is therefore important to animate your networks by offering news and interesting content, entertaining publications to engage them, as well as offers or event operations to share, which will not only attract traffic to your site and allow you to collect reusable customer data, but will animate your page and its community in a fun way. The goal is thus to create a privilege relationship between the brand and its subscribers, allowing it to gain notoriety thanks to the network it is building, while improving its brand image, showing that it is present, but also at the listening to its customers by interacting with them.

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Having a committe and qualifie community is an essential step for brands, for their e-reputation but also to allow them to acquire new customers. However, buying dummy subscribers does not help in any way to notoriety, on the contrary,by the networks and their users, and tarnishing the image of the brand. Social networks are proving to be increasingly English and vice versa Kenya Phone Number List so it happens that use acquisition levers, so don’t skimp on your efforts to work on your notoriety.submitte themselves, for example:From researching information to booking a holiday, three-quarters of future travelers use the Internet. While the, it is essential for tourism players to be present on the Web. But this is not enough. To attract leads, you must also undertake a digital marketing strategy. There are many possibilities to promote your tourism products.

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Winter holidays are in full swing

What are the preferre levers? Google, an essential lever for tourism According to a Clickstream Travel France study, 87% of French travelers use the Google search engine at least once in their purchase journey to prepare a trip. Google Search is therefore a lever that should not be overlooke. Create a listing on Google MyBusiness google-mybusinessTo optimize your local referencing (when a place is associate with a query), it is now essential to list your establishment on Google by creating a “MyBusiness” file. Knowing that 74% of local searches are done on the search engine and that these queries are mainly attribute to the tourism sector, it would be a shame to do without it.

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