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The attention of the Internet user must be preserve on this act, by offering him the different options. And especially by showing him what his contribution will be useful . msf-donation-page It is also important to indicate. What the donation will actually cost after tax reduction.  This can greatly affect the balance of the amount of the donation made. Email campaigns No need to water the mailboxes of your donors, you have to address. Them through a cause that will affect them: a natural disaster that requires their help. A crowdfunding project to build a school in an. African village, sponsorship of a person Your database is made up of donors. And it is important to make them feel useful. Above all to retain them thanks to causes that matter to them. emailing-red cross Social networks.

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Twitter and Facebook are particularly relevant levers of acquisition among young people: with digital gaining ground, more and more people under the age of 35 are becoming donors, and social networks are more than adequate ground for to discover u implement it South Korea Phone Number List in WordPress, which is and rediscover the associations and their actions to this public that is often too poorly informe. In addition, social networks offer very elaborate targeting systems – via Facebook Ads and Twitter. Ads – which allow you to reach different targets and work your campaigns precisely.  will thus appear in. The news feeds of Internet users deeme likely to be intereste. Facebook Ads Audience On Facebook as on Twitter, it is possible to target ads according to users’ centers of interest, thus obtaining an estimate audience for your campaign. Digital event operations Social networks are also the ideal place to carry out large-scale viral operations: by their operation – like, share, comment, etc. – it is easy to engage communities on social networks, with content calling to solidarity and participation.

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We remember, for example, the Ice Bucket Challenge, which was all the rage on Facebook and where participants were invite to spill a bucket of ice water on their heaand then make a donation in favor of the fight against amyotrophic lateral Phone Number MX sclerosis (ALS). The participant had to nominate three other people to answer the challenge, and so on., it is the French humorist Rémi Gaillard who knew how to use the functionalities of Facebook to convey a strong message of solidarity. He locke himself in a cage at the Montpellier SPA, and broadcast live on the network the four days of ordeal he spent there.

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