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ave you ever thought about adding a physical ‘button’ to a marketing campaign? Buttons can do something magical for your business. Because who wouldn’t want to push a button and wait expectantly to see what happens? Exactly: buttons have a certain appeal.


A button as a trigger for guerrilla marketing

For many years now I can enjoy the video that the Belgian TNT made to promote their TV channel. A hysterical guerrilla action starring a button. Above it a large sign that reads: Push to add drama . This version has many variants, for example 

The idea behind these promotions is simple, but very clever: create a button, get people to press it and ensure that an experience follows that fits your brand. Actions like these usually cost little, but with good execution they go viral. And that is exactly the purpose of guerrilla marketing: small scale, large reach.

Integrate buttons into your business

Fun, such an action on the street, but what am I supposed to do with a button in my company? Below I share a number of examples where such a simple button really puts companies on the map. It even turns out that a button can be the reason for a visit to a certain place.

Time to give you some good reasons from marketing psychology why you want a button in your business. For each reason I share an example from practice for inspiration.

Reason 1: we are curious

People are curious. We want to know how a movie ends, what our neighbor is doing, what the bride looked like, and what someone else has said about us. And… what happens when we press the button.

It is a survival mechanism to know VP Maintenance Email Lists as much as possible. The more you know, the less danger. And the less likely you are to be surprised by death. We also love to discover.

Fish in a blender: is someone pushing the button?

That curiosity goes far, as artist Marco Evaristti proved in 2000 in a museum in Denmark. In his exhibition he placed 10 blenders with goldfish in them. Fish in a blender: how far does our curiosity go?

Chief and VP of Maintenance Email Lists

Most visitors stay away from the blenders (just wondering what would happen if…). Until disaster struck and someone could no longer contain their curiosity. The button on one of the blenders was press, which turned out to be working. The result? A raw fish smoothie. ugh…

After the animal protection protest, the plugs were remov from the blenders.

Reason 2: experience, experience, experience

Yep, the current trend: experience. This is mainly because we are already used to a lot. We have already seen and experienced a lot. In addition, we now know that our subconscious and emotional brain makes the decisions in about

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