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Reimagined customer journey Although the share of in-store purchases is still greater than that of e-commerce, digital is gaining ground, in particular with the web-to-store logic adopte by more and more French people: 90% of buyers research online before going to the store. Many of these Valentine’s shoppers are in addition to men, who generally prefer a quick and efficient online purchase rather than loitering in stores for hours. It may therefore be wise to propose a different communication approach for men and for women, for whom tastes in terms of presents vary as much as their purchasing behavior. E-commerce saves considerable time: consumers can easily compare prices and offers to find the perfect gift in just a few clicks.

Valentine’s Day is an unmissable time

This year Valentine’s Day arrives just after the winter sales, and thus constitutes a sales peak for e-merchants: it is essential to adopt an effective strategy adapte to behaviors to increase sales during this period. Valentine’s Day: for all sectors of rhythm with Macedonia Phone Number List freezing music. activity? For some sectors,  to develop its turnover: catering, hotels, fashion, chocolate makers and florists are the main affecte by the feast of lovers. However, the other sectors are not left out, and it is possible for everyone to adopt a communication plan adaptd to their target. Where to start ? Find our few tips for an effective strategy for Valentine’s Day.

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A special Valentine’s Day itinerary

Make your site more attractive and guide visitors Adapt the look of your site The visual aspect and the first impression are very important for your visitors: why not start by adapting the look of your site for the occasion, in order to put them in the mood as Phone Number MX soon as they arrive? You can set up pages creat for the occasion, for example by offering , which will arouse their curiosity by guiding them through dedicatesections, such as “the ideal gift for her/him”. Advise visitors in their choice Guiding each visitor by offering them articles is a good way to facilitate their research. This optimize navigation system will be noticeby your visitor and will thus lead to an increase in the performance of your special Valentine’s Day pages.

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