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The deployment of connected housing Home automation. Or the house of the future, is increasingly present in today’s homes: everything is connected and controlled from an app. From heating to lighting, to household appliances and smart mailboxes. which announces you the mail of the day. While it is currently possible to control your home remotely. In terms of security or heating, for example, smart homes are full of innovations. That will be revealed to the general public in the years to come. A resurgence of new services and applications. Which today appears to be a necessity in the face of the changing consumption. Patterns of real estate customers and society in general.

It is also a powerful marketing and communication

All professionals must, in order to survive and to increase their presence and their notoriety in terms of innovations on the market, offer ever more up-to-date services. Helping companies to develop in digital is our core business, do not hesitate to contact us , our experts will be able to advise you!No need to introduce Facebook! With its 31 million brands make Finland Phone Number List them feel solve their active French users per month, it is France’s leading social network.  lever that companies must use to . We have therefore compiled the 10 reasons why it is necessary today to create a Facebook Page. 1. Increase awareness and visibility of your business Facebook is the world’s leading social network. Every month, more than a billion people around the world visit a Facebook page. Being present on the social network can only bring you additional and complementary visibility to your website, or even visibility if you don’t have a website.

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Make themselves known and prosper

Knowing that creating a Facebook Page is easy and free, you would be wrong to deprive yourself of the potential it presents in terms of marketing tools , impression and reach . Many of your customers and prospects have a Facebook account, so you need to go find them and reach them where they are. Having a professional Page does not only improve your Phone Number MX visibility, you will also be able to increase your notoriety with a community that you have federated. By regularly publishing relevant content, you will also improve your natural referencing. Thanks to the quality traffic that you will generate on your website, you will be more present on Google. In addition, Facebook indexes each Page on search engines.

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