Their Origins The Reach Of Your Content

If a user searches for your business on Google, they will come across the first results on your Facebook Page. It is therefore important to take good care of this Page. 2. Federate a community, build customer loyalty and communicate Who says social network, says virtual community. What is unique about Facebook is its ability to bring together such a community. Thus, you will be able to federate Internet users around your brand . Facebook will allow you to create a link between your company and your fans, it’s up to you to create a link strong enough for your fans to become customers. We will have to maintain this relationship, by exchanging with them, by publishing creative and relevant content, by interacting with them.

The average rate and response time

To do this you have to be responsive and respond to their messages and comments. Facebook has also implemented a feature that allows users to rate and reward your strong response to messages, and it also calculatesof your Page, which it then displays Brands should Germany Phone Number List prepare to receive not on it. Thanks to your Page, you will be able to easily communicate with your fans, via comments or Messenger. You can also customize your username on Messenger to be more easily identifiable, as well as the welcome message. Messenger-codes-and-links To make it easy to keep in touch with your fans, you can introduce Messenger links and codes in your advertisements, on your website, etc. messenger-code But you also have to capture their attention.

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A promotional offer to use online

Which is why it is essential to create interactions. Launch games and promotional offers to reward their loyalty and animate your Page. facebook-promo-offers For example, organize a photo contest, ask to answer a question in comment and share, then draw the winner among the participants, etc. A great way to get more reach and engagement! You can also launch Phone Number MX or in store. 3. Know your customers Facebook provides a number of very relevant and interesting tools that you should know how to take advantage of. Statistics are part of it. They will allow you to better know your fans, your customers and your prospects. This will help you better orient and optimize your advertising campaigns, your publications, your sending frequencies.

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