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Visual content production. You can encourage more user-generate content by running challenges, contests, polls, launching virtual reality filters for selfies, and with online games. This approach was also use in the 1990s. Brands advertise drawing, photography and story contests in newspapers and on television. Then, the best works were use to attract the attention of new audiences. In 2020, you should use the CPUG for the design of your visuals for social networks and for traditional advertisements. And of course, attributing the images to whom it may concern. Reach audiences better with stock images: If you don’t have any brande UGC, use stock images that look like social media content.

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Stay honestImperfections sell better A recent study Austria Phone Number List on the changing aesthetics of stock photography showed that customer perceptions of visuals change over the years. In the mid-2000s, photographers create heavily edite images of models. They directly interprete concepts like “happy family”, “successful man” and “beautiful woman”. These clichés have age these days and marketers are trying to avoid them. Decades later, advertising agencies and publishers were intereste in photographs reflecting more specific situations. For example, the joy of shopping or buying real estate (for more perspective: The stock photo of yesterday and today ). Fortunately, the demand for simple visual interpretations fade a few years ago.

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This is thanks to the evolution of social networks and Phone Number MX visual content creation technologies. Any user of a social network can now take a high quality photo.They can modify it so that it becomes as perfect as an advertisement from a fashion magazine. That’s why unrealistic “perfection” in photos has become anti-trend, and authentic shots are now associate with corporate credibility. Reach audiences better with stock images: Use stock photos and vectors creatively; break up their composition, for example, and create raw collages by mixing your original.

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