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Communication adapted to its producer-retailer image Formerly at Publicis and today with the agency Romance, the brand multiplies spots and special operations, always with the aim of reaching its consumers, and always advocating its image as a producer-retailer in favor of the well-being of its customers. . Sugar Detox In April 2016, Intermarché launched a campaign called Sucre Detox, in order to fight against the overconsumption of sugar, and the diseases it causes such as diabetes and obesity. Thus, each pot of yogurt gradually contains less sugar, to accustom the palate of its consumers without losing their gluttony. A brilliant initiative that could very well be extended to other product lines. Ugly Vegetables After the fight against cardiovascular diseases, it is against food waste that Intermarché joins forces with its Les Légumes Moches campaign.

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The goal is to offer fruit and vegetables that do not meet the usual beauty criteria on the shelves, but at a lower price to avoid throwing them away. even though they are just as tasty. To promote them, Intermarché offered quirky spots featuring personified vegetables facing a certain lack of self-confidence. lamourlamour, or how to touch the hearts of its check the its source Argentina Phone Number List code and to create customers out on the brand’s 2017 greetings , a touching little message intended for all its consumers, in particular to thank them for having elected them France’s favorite distributor. And since arousing emotions always works, their new agency Romance hit hard by producing a 3-minute commercial, aiming to promote its wide range of healthy foods, all in a setting of French romance.

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Intermarché’s revival did not happen overnight, and its transition is still ongoing: bringing together digital players, adopting a digital culture and acquiring new skills to review its entire positioning and communication, here are the keys to a brand that the Phone Number MX most important thing is the customers.In the era of digitalization and new forms of work, collaboration tools are multiplying. From the corporate social network to project management tools, there are now all kinds, so it is worth studying the different features, ergonomics and cost to choose the right one.

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