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Whatever the approach, you must in any case be omnipresent on social networks and publish regularly to engage your subscribers and try to extend your visibility. Emailing: Adapting your message to your target To establish a connection between the consumer and the brand, it is necessary to offer a personalized message: the customer, through targeted communication according to his expectations, feels privileged and listened to, and it is this presence of the brand that will make him want to stay true to it. When and how to start your emailing campaigns? While it’s important to plan your strategy well in advance, it’s not necessary to plan too early to launch your campaigns for Valentine’s Day. In terms of emailing, it may be wise to follow up with existing customers at the end of January, by offering them exclusive offers or buying guides adapted to their habits.

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One email per week is enough to keep the attention of its consumers, provided it is original and relevant. The key is to encourage them to mak, for example by offering them promotional codes or free delivery for a given day: your customers must feel privileged. Some examples of inventive campaigns for Valentine’s Day Proof of this is  for Valentine’s Day customary to Mexico Phone Number List present the organization regardless of your sector, find our favorites and inspirations for your campaigns: Partnership between Happn and VideDressing The collaboration between Happn, the geolocated dating application, and Videdressing, a fashion staple, proved to be very appropriate. Between February 8 and 14, 2016, a more than original treasure hunt took place: using clues distilled during the week on the VideDressing application, players then had to geolocate their Valentine (and their gift) through the Happn app.

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Once found, a photo posted on Instagram associated with a hashtagCrushOnValentine, was enough to win a nice gift: a Valentino handbag for girls, or a luxury watch for boys. IKEA love kits Proof that you can be a furniture store and surf the Valentine’s Day wave: this year Ikea France offered “Love Kits” – cleverly called JTÄIME & MÖNCOEUR – comprising utensils and Phone Number MX recipes to allow their customers to declare their love . Via the hashtag DitesLeEnCuisinant, Ikea invited Internet users to share their creations: an original way to get people talking about its products and engage its customers! Allianz ParAmour A first in the sector, the insurance company Allianz was able to stand out during the Valentine’s Day period thanks to a dedicated campaign on Twitter.

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