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The visual must be attractive and relevant. Use bright colors to stand out from the news feed and images consistent with the advertising message. Video player 00:00 00:07 As soon as you can, use the images and calls-to-action available to you. LinkedIn Ads Sponsored InMail Call-to-Action Images Work on your landing page Create a dedicated landing page for each ad and audience based on your goals. Thus, only show the essentials (forms, call to actions oriented towards your objective). Do not insert useless links (navigation menus, outgoing links), likely to divert the visitor from your strategy. In addition, your landing page must respect a few points to be optimized.

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It must be responsive, attractive and simple. The form should not take too long to complete (4 fields maximum). It should be clear and concise. participate, e receive Japan Phone number list positively at the public level. But contests, or by promoting photos that they have Buying fans and subscribers to increase the statistics of its Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages is a very widespread practice among companies and personalities of all types.  individuals, who, wishing to give an impression of popularity to their publications, have recourse to the purchase of likes and likes by the hundreds.

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This practice is widespread in particularly competitive environments, such as politics for example – you can sometimes find up to half of “false subscribers” on the pages of major personalities. But brands are not left out! It is impossible to be able to monitor every day, or not hiding bots, but it is easily detectable an account that has resorted to inflating statistics. If you want to get an idea, there are tools to determine the number of fake and inactive subscribers, such as SocialBakers or TwitterAudit (which does not, however, make the difference between fake and inactive subscribers.

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