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They can now promote their offers for free, to further promote their business and acquire new customers. A well-informed user is a user more inclined to contact or visit a company with a view to making a purchase. As we spend more and more time on our laptops and tablets, we also expect to do more and more activities through these devices. Finding information, discovering brands, contacting people and companies, buying online, etc. To meet these expectations, Facebook now guarantees companies a presence on mobile, while allowing them to communicate and sell more easily.

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New features in terms of advertising (dynamic ads, carousel and canvas), call to action (“Buy” button) and sections dedicated to shopping meet the requirements of mobile users while ensuring good prospects for growth and development audiences Switzerland Phone Number List Prospective for companies.User of Linkedin for several years to develop my professional network in the first place, and despite my experience in social media, I had never considered this network as being particularly viral. So I didn’t really see the point of sharing content as the engagement rate seemed to me low and irrelevant. But for some time.

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I have seen a strange phenomenon arise. Particularly basic posts (one photo and one status) suddenly got thousands of likes and lots of comments. lk-phenomenon How ? Why ? Does it only work for job searches? Is solidarity so developed on Linkedin? Is the publication of content relevant? To answer my questions and after a discussion with my boss, I decided to launch Phone Number MX my own test, to understand the phenomenon. Virality on Linkedin: my experience if the phenomenon could work with another theme, I decided to use the pretext of a day off offered by my boss if I got a thousand likes. Even though I hadn’t specified the period in the visual, we had defined that it would last a week.

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