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It is very easy to manage since you just have to click on the ” Publishing tools ” tab and go to the Shop section to be able to add, delete articles and collections, or even manage orders . For a pending order, you can choose to ship it, cancel it, or contact the customer. For a placed order, you can print a packing slip, issue a refund, or contact the customer. manage-shop Benefit from a secure purchasing process To process payments and ensure the security of this tool, Facebook uses the Stripe and PayPal payment platforms.

The same guarantees as when buying

Once the order has been shipped and validated, you receive payment from the customer in your bank account, for a fee of approximately 2.9% of the purchase amount, plus 30 cents per successful transaction. As for customers, they have on place an Taiwan Phone Number List order on the business’s website or an e-commerce site. They can retrieve a receipt in the payment history on Facebook and on the email address entered. They can track the order status directly on their Facebook account Settings > Payments Status. This path also allows them to contact the seller and return or exchange a product. A store on Facebook? A boon for businesses.

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The loading time is slow

The advantages of this tool This tool has many advantages for companies, especially for small ones. Generally, they do not have an e-commerce site, or even any website. If they have one, chances are it isn’t optimized for mobile or. They are therefore the Phone Number MX most likely to use this feature. Thus, Facebook offers them the possibility of having significant visibility on the Web, but also, with this tool, of being able to sell their products by targeting an audience that they might not have been able to reach before, Internet users more and more of them are using a mobile to make purchases.

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